Harrington Nursery School

We are an inner-city nursery school setting and have been using the Launchpad for Literacy for at least 3 years now.  We use the tool to support our pupils who have English as an additional language and for children with some additional needs. We use Launchpad for Literacy for all who are at the early stages of literacy as part of our Pre-Phonic provision.  The Launchpad for Literacy Skills Framework enables clear identification of children's current stages of development, enabling systematic planning of the pre-requisite skills for Phonics.  The tool supports the progression of children's literacy skills in a methodical and progressive way. We have found it to be an excellent tool for planning and developing a sequence of sessions appropriate to children’s current stages of development.  The Launchpad provides a clear structure for the progression of literacy by focussing and targeting a variety of skills such as rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, auditory blending, auditory discrimination and visual alongside many others. The tool supports our children to build the essential foundations of literacy for future success. Our children have proven success, having made significant progress using the approach. I would not hesitate in recommending it.

Leanne Oliver, Teacher, Harrington Nursery School, Derby

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